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Who we are

Bio Active Clinic is the Irish Agency for Bio Active Therapy, which is a unique non-invasive and drug free electro therapy treatment which accelerates the body’s self-regeneration process, resulting in faster healing of damaged tissue. The Therapy removes the associated pain, restoring mobility in the body and leads to better “Quality of life”.

Bio Active Therapy uses the biological approach created by the Italian Biologist Dr Emanuel Paleco. This allows for unique and beneficial treatment in all areas of physical health and is especially noteworthy for improving the daily lives for sufferers of Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis who otherwise had no alternative but to consume painkillers or undergo invasive treatments with related side-effects.

Bio Active Therapy is very safe, totally non-invasive and medication free. For more details of Bio Active Therapy click on


Our mission

Our mission is quite simple; we strive to help people from all walks of life, an everyday worker or even a well known athlete. We aim to improve livelihoods, to achieve a healthy balance and enhance overall wellbeing of patients by introducing cutting edge technologies such as an Electro Therapy Medical Device (six technologies in a single medical device known as MC2) in Clinics to provide non-invasive and painless therapy, the very latest in “Cellular". Along with an ambitious team of Qualified Physiotherapists we believe that we will successfully open clinics, supply MC2 to hospitals and care homes at a national and international level to ensure this technology is accessible/available to all.

MC2 Medical Device

The MC2 Medical Device is an ISO13485 Certificated Facility and the MC2 device has a CE Medical Certification.


Sir Clive Woodward

Former England National Rugby Coach and International player with 21 Caps and two Caps with the Lions

I have had first-hand experience of this revolutionary Medical System and the team that have created it. They have treated my lower back which had been causing me severe pain. After the first session, during which Dr Paleco used the analyst system to “read the pain” and a mixture of the other technologies, the pain was immediately reduced and the back eased. After the second session, 2 days later, my back was free of pain and I was able to train. I have now completed the third half hour session and I am completely pain free and the back is back to normal. In my experience, I do not think normal treatments would have worked as effectively. The system has the advantage as well of being portable and would be ideal for taking on tour.

Claire McCarthy

World Class Athlete - Condition: Achilles Tendon

As a representative of my country in the World Athletic Championships in London in August 2017, I finished in 33rd position from 92 starters in a time of 2 hours 38 minutes and 26 seconds. During the race, I injured my Achilles Tendon with 15 kilometres to go to the finish. Before the finish, I twisted my ankle when I stepped on a marble gutter tile. I finished the race with a lot of pain and the days following my Achilles tendon reacted severely to the injury sustained. I had to take time off training and exercise. Despite several physiotherapy sessions, my tendon remained very swollen and painful. However, I was treated with the Electro Therapy machine developed by Dr Emanuel Paleco, a month after my injury. Acoustic waves, operating at 40 kHz energy level, penetrated deep into my injury without inflicting any pain or heat whatsoever. After the first session, the swelling decreased dramatically. The following day I underwent two more twenty-minute sessions and later that day I was able to run without any pain. My husband Martin, who is qualified in Sports Injuries, could not believe that after three sessions on the machine my injury was totally cured. Less than two weeks later I competed in an annual road race over 15 miles and was the first female athlete home in a time of 1 hour 30 minutes and 9 seconds. Out of 746 starters, 8 male athletes finished ahead of me and the second female athlete finished approximately 2 miles behind me in a time of 1:43:18. After the event, my tendon revealed no ill effects whatsoever.

Tim Watson

Professor of Physiotherapy, University of Hertfordshire. Specialising in Electro Therapy, Electro Physical Agents and Tissue Repair.

“Emanuel Paleco, who is a Biologist and Medical Devices Expert, has to be congratulated for his evolutionary thinking”. “There are dozens of research papers proving the efficacy of each technology that he uses in his unique biological approach”